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Snowshoeing on New Year’s Day

With my enthusiasm for the outdoors, and a passion for nature, I decided to startΒ the Montana Nature Blog website. I hope to share all that big sky country offers to those that live local and those that live continents away.

I enjoy skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, camping, kayaking, and photography. Making Montana Nature Blog seemed like a natural step to share all these activities and adventures. Contact me if you would like to plan an adventure. I am always looking to make friends with similiar interests.

There are no fancy titles to my name. I have no degree in biology, botany, geology or any of those other science fields. All my information is through personal observation and research. I will do my best to keep things accurate.


Watching a Mountain Goat

Thank you for taking time to check out this blog.




Testing Out a Minimalist Theme



I am trying out a sort of minimalist theme so people will focus more on the content and less on the superficial stuff. I think I have found the wordpress theme I like for this. Stay tuned. More to come.