About me


The saddle between Reynolds and the Dragon’s Tail in Glacier National Park

Do you love Montana, nature, and adventure? Good, me too!

I am lucky enough to spend a great deal of time in the outdoors in northwestern Montana. I spend most of my time in the north fork of the Flathead River. Over the last six years I have become very aware of this area. For those unfamiliar, this area is the western slope of Glacier National Park and the Glacier View district of the Flathead National Forest. I have seen all sorts of animals big and small. I have see grizzly bear families grow up. I have even had a mountain lion pass right by my truck as I was sitting in it with the windows down.

My goal is to help others become aware of their natural world. I want to teach people how to use nature’s signs to discover hidden information and meaning. I am always open to feedback and sharing stories. In fact that is how our primitive selves shared information and knowledge; campfire tales about hunting and survival. We are naturally wired for narratives.