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Montana Serengeti

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Just another beautiful Montana Morning

Early mornings on the North Fork of the Flathead remind me of the pictures often posted of the sun coming up on the African Serengeti. Each biome is rich in its own wildlife, and the Glacier National Park area of Montana is no exception. Many different species live in this area, however seeing them is complicated by the dense trees of the inland rainforests, aka refugia. These areas make ideal hunting for wolves and big cats, add some elevation to your journey and you leave the trees and find yourself in alpine areas of scrubby bushes and mountain goats. One of my favorite things about the sunrises in this area is the summer slow mornings. The sun starts rising at about 4:30 and takes a little bit of time. The birds are easily an alarm clock. Robins start singing not long after that first light and it is definitely time to wake up, make the coffee, and see what the new day holds. Getting out and seeing wildlife starts long before that sunrise and ends long after the last light. In the winter, that means a really short day, however in the summer that can easily become over an 18 hour day. so this leads to a new project.

Sunrise on the Montana Serengeti is only the start.

In the relaunch and rebuild of this blog, I want to start sharing a virtual safari with readers. Once or twice a year, I would love to offer a full Montana Safari itenerary for people. This is only an early start of an idea. I am in awe of people I follow on social media sharing their African safari photos and camps. I would love to offer that to people that want to see this area. This is a great place to call home, and I would love for you to vacation here, see the wild, and leave with lifetime memories. Thanks for reading.
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Snowshoeing on New Year’s Day

With my enthusiasm for the outdoors, and a passion for nature, I decided to startΒ the Montana Nature Blog website. I hope to share all that big sky country offers to those that live local and those that live continents away.

I enjoy skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, camping, kayaking, and photography. Making Montana Nature Blog seemed like a natural step to share all these activities and adventures. Contact me if you would like to plan an adventure. I am always looking to make friends with similiar interests.

There are no fancy titles to my name. I have no degree in biology, botany, geology or any of those other science fields. All my information is through personal observation and research. I will do my best to keep things accurate.


Watching a Mountain Goat

Thank you for taking time to check out this blog.