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This week has been the big cool off for the year so far. While last month I had a picture on Instagram of the first snow in the high-country there has been no snow in the lower elevations. The forecasters are saying that tomorrow night will be the first frost. Over the past few days it has been rainy and cold. I guess fall is really close.

Snow on Mt. Cleveland

Today I heard an elk bugle somewhere in Canada. Nature is full of beautiful noises. Nature is even full of beautiful colors. The bright colors of summer flowers is replaced by the changing colors of the leaves and tamarack needles. Some years the color change is so vibrant, I can study a scene for hours.

Fall Colors on the North Fork

I want to leave off with one final thought from one of the recent books I have been reading. “The more high-tech we become, the more nature we need,” from The Nature Principle: Reconnecting with Life in a Vitual Age by Richard Louv. So far as I read this book, a lot of it makes sense to our world. I enjoy sharing nature with people and hopefully adding value to their lives with it. I am also a technophile to the range of extreme. I spend a lot of time off-grid and incommunicado. It takes a few minutes, but after I gain focus, I hear the birds, feel the wind, and soon have a clear mind. It is great, and I encourage people to try it as well. I am willing to share those moments with you either virtually or in person. Again, this is a pretty powerful book, even if it just makes you stop and think about what you might be missing out on by turning off or ignoring the nature part of human existence. 

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