Here Comes Fall

September 22 is the official start of fall. What does this mean exactly though? What makes a season start and end?

Well fall and spring are known as autumnal equinox and vernal equinox. When you hear “equinox” it helps to think equal. In this case, equal day and equal night. The other “equa-” reference is to think of the Equator or 0* Latitude. The Equator comes into play because that is where the sun is and crossing over to start the next season. Between September to March, the sun is below the Equator. From March to September, the sun is above the equator. This is one of many amazing celestial dances. 

The quick takeaway of TLDR : Autumnal Equinox

  • Sun is at the Equator during equinox
  • The sun is moving towards the South Pole.
  • Equinox is an equal day (12 hours) and equal (night 12 hours)
  • December 21, the sun starts moving back towards the North Pole
  • The only state in the United States that the sun is ever directly overhead is Hawaii
A new season begins…

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